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Chinese, Pan-Asian and Author’s Cuisine Restaurant.

The Hong Kong restaurant is located on the 24th floor of the Holiday Inn hotel right next to Sokolniki Park. Here you can relax after a walk in the park, hold a business meeting, celebrate a birthday, corporate party, another celebration. Bright design of the hall is complemented by magnificent views. Panoramic windows will give an excellent overview of the center of the capital. Especially good view in the evening and night.

The cuisine combines Chinese, Hawaiian, Vietnamese, Thai and European dishes. A special “highlight” of the menu is the author’s experiments of the famous chef Dmitry Shurshakov, thanks to which, it would seem well-known dishes “play” with new flavors.

Comfort, great views and excellent cuisine of the Hong Kong restaurant – the perfect combination for your holiday!

Dmitry Shurshakov


One of the creators of Hong Kong do not get tired to please visitors with author’s finds. Shurshakov’s career began in 1991. Since then, he has come a long way, became one of the most famous chefs in Moscow, gained fame far beyond its borders.

In 2009, Dmitry became interested in a combination of traditional and fashionable at the time molecular cuisine. Over time, the chef returned to more restrained and familiar menu options. But he did not refuse the love of unusual combinations and original solutions. In the menus he designed, there are always unusual flavors, unexpected sauces and spices, as well as the signature “Shurshakov” often provocative presentation. All this you will find in the menu of the Hong Kong restaurant along with traditional Chinese and Pan-Asian dishes.



How to choose a Chinese restaurant

Today, Chinese restaurants can be found in almost any city in the world. This bright and original cuisine, so unusual for Europe or America, literally conquered the world. Experienced gourmets know exactly what to look for when studying the menu. And if you only get acquainted with this culinary direction, start with the right choice…


Pan-Asian cuisine in Moscow

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Hong Kong Restaurant in Moscow

Moscow restaurant Hong Kong, created by the famous chef Dmitry Shurshakov, appeared relatively recently, but very quickly gained popularity. To open a restaurant on the 24th floor of the hotel next to the park was a rather bold idea. The main risk is the location, which is not quite ideal from the point of view…

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