How to choose a Chinese restaurant

Today, Chinese restaurants can be found in almost any city in the world. This bright and original cuisine, so unusual for Europe or America, literally conquered the world. Experienced gourmets know exactly what to look for when studying the menu. And if you only get acquainted with this culinary direction, start with the right choice of restaurant.

What you need to learn in advance:

  1. Features of the kitchen. In China, there are different directions, depending on the province, which is called cuisine, the dishes can be more or less sharp. One of the most intense spicy and spicy spices is the Sychuan cuisine. In principle, in any restaurant you can find something relatively dietary. But still Eastern cuisine is not for weak stomachs. If you are on a diet, better eat homemade oatmeal. And then, when the doctor resolves, go ahead for new impressions!
  2. Restaurant Location . In the central part of the city or in the areas loved by tourists, prices in restaurants are always higher. Of course, if you want to please a status guest, you should choose the most stylish and original restaurants. But for exploring the Chinese menu is perfect and institution in a residential area. Most often, they cook no worse.
  3. Interior Features . Connoisseurs have long noticed: the more Chinese elements in the interior, the higher the likelihood that the kitchen will also be truly Chinese. In the case when the interior just plays with Oriental motifs, most likely, you will be offered a pan-Asian menu or some author’s mix.
  4. Chef . The recognized and widely known maestro with international awards will surely not disappoint you. In the case of an unknown young chef, a lottery awaits you. Since we have agreed that we are talking about becoming acquainted with Chinese cuisine, it is better not to save. Go to the well-known chef at least to distinguish Chinese dishes from styling for them.
  5. Reviews. This selection method is suitable for any restaurant. Read reviews – from well-known critics and visitors. In the latter case, it is best to contact independent review sites. In this case, do not forget that some of the reviews are almost always customized. Because the best method is to get recommendations from friends or relatives.

Chinese cuisine – is very rich, here you can taste dishes sharp-hot, sweet and sour, spicy or very tender. For cooking use meat and poultry, different types of fish and seafood. Consider that the Chinese almost never use salt, it is replaced by soy sauce, which is salty in itself.

Meat is used almost without waste. Therefore, in the case of incomprehensible names, specify what the dish was prepared from. Sometimes it can be the insides of animals, who knows how to react to this unusual stomach. The basis of the whole kitchen is rice, tofu, Chinese noodles and vegetables. Almost all dishes are served with sauces, thanks to which the taste of the dish is sometimes supplemented, and sometimes even changes almost beyond recognition.

And remember: the Chinese will never cook from stale products. They are very sensitive to the quality of the ingredients. When choosing a restaurant, always evaluate the purity, quality of service and appearance of the dish.